Multimedia Final Project

November 22nd, 2018

Game Name: Case File

Team Members:

Christopher Turman
Fariz Ihsan Yazid
Jason Erniody

This semester’s Multimedia final project, we’ll be making a game called Case File which is a game that hugely about detective with a little twist of chemistry. Our game are heavily influence with Visual Novel and free roam 2d side scrolling game. The game itself is quite short and educative considering the topic were given. The game will have 2 level of puzzle in which the player will need to solve later on. The main target of making Case File is to make student especially High Schoolers to be attracted and have a fun while learning chemistry.

Apart from out puzzle, the game is keyboard friendly which means that the game are mostly controlled by keyboard. Unsing the platformer behavior in player sprites, we only need to use direction button to move and space to interact with objects; spaces are also use to continue to the next dialogue. We like to mention as well as that we have conditional event which set targets for user in order to avoid confusion for the user to progress.

Contribution: Christopher Turman
Game Concept,
Story Design(help),
Design Character and Tile sets( help)
Fariz Ihsan Yazid (my contribution)
Game Concept
Story Design
Design Character and Tile sets (help)
Coding (help)
Jason Erniody
Game Concept,
Design Character and Tile sets,
Story Design (help),
Note: (help) means assisting the lead contributor

List of resources which were made by the members:

Game Sprite (rectangle sprites, and so on)
Game Tilesets(sprites for alley and apartment interior)
Game Title Asset(Title and button)
List of resources taken from internet/ credits:

Game Character Mugshot (
Game Source of Music (
Various Background Scene (various artist of DA and Artstation (several Zerochan as well))
Puzzle Background (Pininterest)

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