Proposal Semester 3

October 3rd, 2018

For this semester’s final project we’ll be doing a detective game which implement certain aspect of biology and chemistry. The intention of this game is to encourage student to learn new facts about chemistry and biology. Our game will have certain features such as player will roam freely throughout the map while solving the case. Multiple ending will also be implemented such if you can’t guess the suspect you’ll have bad ending viceverca the other way.

Summary (not final):
You’ll be Jason Smith, an aspiring detective recruit who’s about to graduate from Blackpool University in criminology major. Today, he’ll be having his last and final test before graduating from the university and that’s solving a fictional case created by the professor. He’ll be given a file pack with information that’s necessary for the case to be solved beforehand ; inside the file contains profile and some simple forensic about the victim.

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